Day 13: Michener

Why were you so awesome? Is it Swarthmore? If so, that would make sense, because the only other Swarthmore alum I know changed my life, too.

And I’ll never understand how you could write not just one gargantuan book, but dozens, all of them varying flavors of awesome – though Hawai’i has my heart.

Someday, I’ll make enough time to plow through all of them. After that, I’ll comprehend the engine that created this awesome, that drove you to research and write so epically (literally!)

Until then, I do this – one letter a day, one day at a time.


About spsukaton

Indonesian-American Bruin, fourth-generation Adventist, history student, saxophonist, singer, writer/editor. Born in Pittsburgh, raised in smoggy Southern California, looking for a way to live and leaving scribbles in my wake. In the beginning was the Word, and I'm kind of obsessed with it.
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